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COVID 19 – The Vaccine – The Greatest Lie

What are they not telling us about the “vaccines”?

“A vaccine trains your immune system to produce antibodies (proteins that fight disease), exactly like it would if you were exposed to the disease. But vaccines work without making us sick from the infection because vaccines typically contain pieces of dead, weakened, or lab-made substances that stimulate your immune system.” (From WebMD)

The Greatest Lie surrounding the current “vaccines”: According to the definition above the Pfizer and Moderna injections are not vaccines at all. They do not produce antibodies that will fight the disease but instead cause the development of a “spike protein”. They do not protect the person who receives the injections exactly as if the person where exposed to the disease. They do not use dead, weakened, or lab-made substances that stimulate the immune system, but, again, cause the development of the “spike protein”.

Even a casual examination of the most recent CDC guidance for management of persons who have been injected with the Pfizer or Moderna products tells us, I contend, everything we need to know about the supposed “vaccinations”. The key elements in that information relates to masking and social distancing. The CDC states “vaccinated” individuals, even when maximum “immunity” is greatest at two weeks after the second injection, “vaccinated” individuals must continue to mask and social distance. Why, we ask, is that necessary when “immunity” has been achieved through “vaccination”? The CDC offers clear rationale, namely that the “vaccination” has been proven only to reduce the severity of symptoms if/when the person is infected. Just as importantly, the “vaccination” is not proven to eliminate transmission of the illness from a “vaccinated” person, when infected, to others, even during peak “immunity”, which, by the way, has been determined to last for just 3 months. So, it is essential, according to the CDC, for “vaccinated” individuals to remain masked and socially distanced just as if they had not been “vaccinated”. It seems clear this “vaccine” does not in any way produce the same effects as exposure to the illness (a real vaccine), and therefore does not contribute to the long-term goal of herd immunity, the real circumstance that allows us to move on from this illness.

My question, and perhaps yours as well, is: Why claim the “vaccination” is the basis of a return to normal life circumstances? COVID can continue to spread unless we continue to mask and socially distance even if every person is “vaccinated”. Long before everyone has achieved peak “immunity” from the initial round of the current “vaccinations” many will be past the 3 month window of supposed peak immunity, and apparently need another “vaccination”. Seems to me that is a hopeless scenario. If the claim the “vaccination” reduces the severity of symptoms is true there is something to be gained in that regard. Does the “vaccination”, though, decrease the severity of symptoms of those infected more than regular and appropriate doses of Vitamin D and Zinc and perhaps a few other supplements recommended by reliable sources? Those supplements when taken in proper doses certainly cause no ill effects. This “vaccine”, however, has caused some deaths and some significant illnesses. It is difficult or impossible to know the extent of the severe health issues created by this “vaccine” because we are denied information of those illnesses and deaths. Interesting how the “every life matters” narrative disappears when the topic is the “vaccine” rather than the illness itself.

It is difficult to believe the relentless push to “vaccinate” everyone with the Pfizer and Moderna products is anything but a government/big pharma hoax to lock everyone into a never ending cycle of “vaccinations” along with never ending government control over schools, sports, and businesses. To call these injections a “vaccine” is, I suggest, one of the greatest lies in a COVID narrative that has included some of the most profound whoppers in all of human kind.

It would be nice if the recently approved product from Johnson and Johnson would offer hope for real immunization, but that is not the case. It simply uses a different system to produce the spike protein and so is not any more a real vaccine than the Pfizer or Moderna products. A critical question, though, is if a vaccine of any sort, even one that is completely safe, is needed and appropriate for the portion of our population that has a survival rate from COVID that is 99.99% plus. That point of view is pure heresy for big pharma and big government, so I suggest that means it is quite likely true.

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