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COVID 19 Who is Responsible for the Hoax?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

COVID 19 Who is Responsible for the Hoax?

Assuming the response to COVID 19 is vastly exaggerated, who is responsible for the measures that may do little or nothing to contain, long-term, the effects of the illness but have had such a devastating effect on the economy and our society?

The old saying is that to determine who instigates any particular set of circumstances one must simply “follow the money”. There is a lot of truth to that theory, but it does not cover every situation. After all, money is not the only element of our culture to which people are deeply attracted. Fame and power are equally compelling, I contend, for their own sake as well as the fact that both do, actually, often lead eventually to monetary advantages as well. The question before us today is: How do we determine who is behind this coronavirus fraud in the USA? My suggestion is to look closely at those who have profited from it, and we will have the best possible answer to the question. The list of the entities that come to mind for me is below.

The Media

Every form of media, but particularly television, has reaped immense rewards from the coronavirus hysteria. Most Americans are sequestered at home, constantly watching the 24/7 news cycle to learn as much as possible about this manufactured crisis. Ratings have to be at stratospheric levels, and the more sensationalized the news the higher the ratings. Media have to be one of the biggest winners from this scenario, and happen to be the greatest single entity promoting it. The hysteria absolutely could not have been achieved without their unwavering complicity.

National Health Agencies

Fame, Fortune, and Power: What government agency will miss the chance to move to center stage, to command the attention of every person not just in this country but around the world? I believe the answer to that question is, not one. New stars have been made, so fame has been achieved. Little known agency bureaucrats and medical talking heads have and will turn that new-found fame into fortune. Please also understand that agency bureaucrats are first, second, third and in every way dedicated to the development of their agency, not to the accomplishment of the agency’s purpose. In this case, the multitude of national health agencies involved are tasked with the protection of the American people. Their leaders, though, are exclusively about the business of expanding the role and reach of that agency. In other words, they are all about, only about, the acquisition of power and resources. This coronavirus has provided previously unthinkable power and financial resources to these agencies. They are perhaps the biggest winners of all entities, although they may end up as the biggest goats when the truth is finally made known.

Big Pharma and Associates

On the one hand, it is outstanding that President Trump looked to private industry for solutions to this coronavirus, rather than relying exclusively on government resources. On the other hand, it is true that the greater the crises the greater the profit potential for these companies.

Political Actors on Every Level

Fame, Fortune, and Power: The political figures who have come out of the shadows and onto center stage in this circus are primarily Mayors and Governors. In their defense, if they do not react with extreme measures to control the spread and mortality rate of this illness they will have “blood on their hands”, or they will “value money over lives”. In other words, it is difficult for these individuals to enact the best possible measures when an over-jealous, fear-mongering media has the average American convinced they, or their family members, will die if something extreme is not done immediately. Many have used this public health crises, though, as the means to gain some or all of the above advantages. The Michigan Governor is the best example I have seen, launching a Vice-Presidential bid through the attention she has received as the most “woke” coronavirus politician on the planet. The fact that the citizens of Michigan have suffered unnecessarily as a result of her high-handed power grab so she can pursue her political ambitions is secondary to her quest for fame and power. The Governor of South Dakota stands in marked contrast, resisting immense pressure to quarantine the citizens of her state to control the spread of the coronavirus. It seems to me she has not sought fame, fortune, or power in her management of the situation. She has responded publically only when the unrelenting media demands comments as they pressure her to fall in line with most Governors’ responses to the coronavirus.

The Democratic Party

This section must be multiple faceted, because the Democratic Party, which should be accurately labeled the Progressive Party these days, has reaped untold benefits from the coronavirus hysteria. Again, my list of factors below (feel free to add your own observations through comments):

Democratic Presidential Nomination: What has been an unmitigated disaster for the Democratic Party, with a wild assortment of clowns and crooks as leading candidates, has disappeared from the news cycle. The unrelenting desire to eliminate Bernie Sanders, the avowed Socialist, from the pool of Democratic candidates for the second consecutive election cycle is no longer discussed. The embarrassment of the entire process and all the flawed candidates has been swept away by the new, great threat to every American citizen.

Joe Biden: It is with a combination of sorrow and disgust that I witness Joe Biden’s campaign for President. His wife constantly hovers over him when he is in public, apparently trying to protect him. She is, though, only protecting his candidacy without regard to the person, Joe Biden. Real friends would tell him something he cannot understand with his current mental capabilities; he is unfit for any level of responsibility, and certainly profoundly unfit to serve as President of the United States of America. Joe Biden and his gross failings has been removed, for the most part, from public view. As an aside, I will state here that Joe Biden will never serve as President of the USA even if elected. By some maneuvering before or after the election the Democratic Party leadership will replace him with a hand-picked candidate, perhaps Cuomo, Michelle Obama, or even Hillary Clinton (as the candidate for President before the election or as the Vice-President who moves into the Presidency immediately after the election). Joe Biden is nothing more than a pawn in the great cogs of the Democratic Party machine as they use him to set the perfect Progressive candidate in place. It is sad to see any person used so badly. Joe Biden as candidate for President is a winner, though, in the coronavirus charade.

Impeachment Sham/Removing President Trump from Office: The Democratic Party paid quite a substantial price in public reputation with the shallow, unsubstantiated claims that surrounded the totally partisan impeachment proceedings. That embarrassment has disappeared from the news cycle. It has vanished like the mist of dawn, and has been replaced by constant calls for investigation into President Trump’s management of the coronavirus. So, the never-ending attempt to remove a duly elected President from office, by any form of official or unofficial government action, gains new life with the coronavirus hysteria. We have a huge win for the Democratic Party and particularly for its disgraced leadership, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and Nadler.

The Deep State

Horowitz Investigation: Here I reference all the high level political actors, Democrats and Republicans alike, involved in the Russia collusion hoax. It is fortuitous that the coronavirus made its appearance at just the time the investigation into the misdeeds, which appear to include significant criminal activities from individuals in high positions, of all the actors in the FISA warrant fiasco is coming to conclusion. At exactly the time Conservative commentators spoke with delight about the fallout from that investigation the topic has disappeared from view as the coronavirus hysteria takes over. The flagrant abuses of power by federal government agencies and individual government officials has become a non-issue. I contend that provides indescribable advantage to many elected and unelected political players in our country today.

So, who is behind the COVID 19 hoax?My suggestion is the groups described above are responsible.Perhaps you have other observations, for I recognize this is a complicated maze of misdirection, misinformation, and outright lies.May the truth be known, may the American public take the time to understand the truth, and may those responsible for obscuring the truth and perpetrating this sham be held accountable.

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Wick Colchagoff
Wick Colchagoff
Apr 30, 2020

Interesting article with facts - Experts surprised to find no evidence of COVID-19 spike from Wisconsin's in-person voting.


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