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The United States of America, Beacon of Democracy, Rest in Peace

protesters with a sign that says save our future
Is Democracy still alive and well in the U.S.A.?

Democracy on the federal level is dead in the United States of America. It has taken nearly 100 years to kill it, far longer than was necessary to eliminate it from any other country I am aware of. It took less than 30 years to transform Argentina from a democratic government, which produced one of the most prosperous countries in the world, to socialist despotism, which produced wide spread financial calamity and poverty that still exists today. So, the American people are remarkable in many ways, resisting the influence of those who have attacked this great experiment, starting in earnest in the early 1900s. But, slowly the social engineers have gained more and more footing until they very recently crested the hill. It is now a steep slope down into the abyss of full-blown Socialism/Marxism. We will no longer argue about the details of that dramatically flawed and failed system of government/social management. It now takes its place at the head of the table. How can we know that is the case? My proof below.

The bedrock of democracy is free and fair elections. I contend that while election fraud has been present for many years in this country, it has become an ever greater factor in recent elections. I further contend it became a massive factor in the 2020 national elections. I recently wrote that the Democratic Party, now really the Progressive Party, achieved a level of election fraud that even the leaders of Venezuela will find impressive. That statement is made not for dramatic effect, but as an accurate representation of the 2020 election in the USA. I had the opportunity to read the lawsuit challenging the Michigan elections. I contend a person must have a severe case of confirmation basis or simply not care about free and fair elections to ignore the immense power of the charges and the legal support for those charges. And yet the Michigan courts refused to hear the case and the Michigan state legislature just pretended the problems did not exist. It is time to move on, we are told. That scenario was played out in multiple states with the 2020 election. So, the question is, move on to what? Obviously, the answer is; move on to a system of government that is not based on the will of the people as expressed by their votes. Election fraud of this magnitude, and again I suggest it was enormous voter fraud in this last election, does not go away with the next election cycle. It is now the norm, the standard by which all elections will be conducted. After all, those involved in the voter fraud got exactly the result they wanted, and not a single person was called to account for what is actually outright criminal behavior. Why not do it again next time, when they will have even more support from an even more corrupt political/legal system? So, we will, of course, see even more of the same in the future.

On a side note, the massive quantity of ink spilled, and television and radio time committed, by the main stream media denying any voter fraud, or any evidence of voter fraud, is absolute proof of the extent of voter fraud. When the mouthpiece of the Ruling Class is this determined to deliver a particular message to the American people I contend you can be certain it is not just a lie, but a gigantic whopper.

It is not enough, actually, to have free and fair elections. The people must believe, be confident, that every election is free and fair. I believe it speaks volumes that a recent poll stated something like 47% of Americans believed voter fraud was present in the 2020 election. Considering the inaccuracy and open bias of nearly every poll these days I expect that percentage is substantially higher. Confidence in elections is now gone for half or more of the people in this country. It will not easily be regained.

The second sign democracy is dead in the USA is that only one narrative on any matter in the political world, or society in general, is allowed. The “official” narrative need have no basis in fact, no logical support. It is just agreed on by every person and organization that matters, and is attributed the status of absolute truth (interesting scenario in a relativist culture). Any individual or organization that asks for clarification is shouted down. Any individual or organization that disputes the official narrative receives a label (racist, misogynist, etc.) that dismisses those views from consideration. For instance, those in political office who called for verification of the 2020 election results were labeled traitors to the Constitution. The “official” statement was that no evidence of voter fraud exists. What absurd statements, totally devoid of fact. First, the Constitution places an extremely high priority on free and fair elections, and yet a person who calls for verification of an election is said to defy the Constitution. Second, the Michigan suit had dozens of signed affidavits stating claims of voter fraud. To the best of my knowledge signed affidavits, are, by definition evidence in any and every court of law. Up is down and down is up, in the matter just described and in an unending list of additional issues. The total loss of free speech and the right to think and come to rationale conclusions, both essential elements of a democracy, are gone. The mob rules, even when it has no foundation, no facts to support its views.

The third and last sign I will mention that democracy is dead in the USA is there is no political element on the federal level to draw the country back to the principles of democracy. If the Republican Party, the group that supposedly calls for a traditional, unchanging understanding of the Constitution, was the entity that was ready, willing, and able to restore our country to democratic process they would have pursued every legal challenge to an obviously flawed election. Instead, they slid back into the shadows, meekly proclaiming it is time to accept the election results and move on. The Republican Party, at the top leadership level, I contend, is every bit as much a party to the destruction of this democracy as is the Democratic Party. There are no good guys in white hats ready and able to ride in to restore our traditional form of government on the federal level.

Democracy in the United States of America is dead. May it rest in peace.

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