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Training in Tyranny

Updated: Apr 19, 2020


Training in Tyranny

It is becoming ever easier to see, although it has been evident from the beginning, that the coronavirus drama has never been about protecting people from illness, but instead about the next, best way to gain power to control the everyday folks. We are going through an intensive training session preparing us to accept the highest levels of government intrusion into and control over all aspects of our lives.

Points to support that thesis below:

Number 1

The original “models” that predicted the extent of infection and mortality rate were absolutely not based on science or the early indications of the progress of the illness. Those models, now obviously fraudulent, were designed to accomplish one thing only, and that is world-wide panic and unrelenting fear. We have gone from a predicted 1,300,000 - 4,500,000 deaths in the United States from the coronavirus to 200,000 deaths to a most recent 100,000 - 140,000, and now possibly 82,000 deaths or less. My personal view, and my fervent hope and prayer, is that the number of lives lost will be much lower than even the current predictions.

Would the citizens of our country have accepted the massive denials of personal freedom, including making traditional church services illegal, if the current numbers, 82,000 deaths, had been presented when the illness was first present here? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. The level of fear would have been markedly lower, though, and perhaps that would be a good thing.

Number 2

The palpable glee with which the never ending string of government officials announce the measures they have put in place to reduce the spread of the coronavirus is evidence in itself that the basis for the response is power, not protection. The constant denial, by every government agency and official, of all evidence that the results of the illness have never proven to be as severe as predicted is another reason to believe that the thirst for power is the primary motivation behind the response. Every person, even highly reputable professionals, who early on disputed the politically accepted line of reasoning was immediately ignored or castigated. As the government types put in place more and more severe restrictions on the people in their city or state, they look ever more like the movie depictions of Nazi SS officers, and ever less like servants of the people. How they revel in their newfound fame and power. I expect most of them are already contemplating a run for President of the United States sometime in the not so distant future.

Number 3

Constant misrepresentation of the statistics generated by the coronavirus has been appalling, and another source of proof the goal is to drive the mania, not present the facts, particularly when the facts refute the hysteria as they always have. As an example, the media and government types regularly, and apparently intentionally, state the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus along with the number of deaths in any and every country and openly state, or at least insinuate, those numbers are proof of a high mortality rate. That is misrepresentation of the facts on the highest order, as the mortality rate is based on the total number of cases, not the number of confirmed cases. Considering that we have been told from the beginning that at least 80% of the cases will have mild symptoms and will not seek medical attention or be tested, the level of misunderstanding produced by confusing the numbers is staggering. While the media with every issue, which has done more to promote the hysteria than any other part of society (to their own benefit by the way), often displays an extremely low level of intellectual capability and/or no common sense at all, it is difficult to believe they do not understand they are presenting a false narrative. Another proof, I contend, that the reason behind the drama is the acquisition of power, not protection of the people. The numbers I want to hear are the number of patients stricken with the coronavirus who need hospitalization, and the number of people who need critical care. By that I do not mean to diminish the number of deaths, the most significant factor by far, but because the primary reason for all the measures is to avoid overwhelming our medical care facilities and services it seems to me the number of hospitalizations and the number of critical care cases are the critical factors. The fact that we never hear those numbers makes me suspect it does not match the narrative, especially nationwide.

Number 4

The medical community involved with the coronavirus, and the hapless and/or corrupt media, readily and immediately accepted the initial predictions of the spread and mortality rate of this coronavirus as fact, when there was actually not a shred of basis in fact for those predictions. Then, the strong indications of a reasonably effective, quite inexpensive, and absolutely harmless treatment of this coronavirus is met with a response ranging from denial to grudging acknowledgement of the slim possibility it might be helpful to some patients. Looks to me like an overwhelming desire to prolong the mania rather than an earnest desire to protect the public. If a few folks die because of a reluctance to use an available treatment that is a small price to pay for continued training in government tyranny.

Number 5

The government types are already putting into place their narrative for when the numbers are actually in and it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they have overreacted and overreached. Without their heroic efforts, of course, all would have been lost. Millions would have died. The human suffering that has been averted by their swift, decisive action will go down in history as the best of government. The fact their claims will go completely unproven, of course, will not interrupt the narrative.

They are also presenting additional “facts” to pave the way for prolonging the hysteria in spite of all evidence indicating the impact of the coronavirus will fall drastically short of predictions. Two examples: First, it will be 18 months before we are out from under the threat of this coronavirus. Second, there will be a “second wave” of cases of the coronavirus starting in August. Perhaps the same “science” that gave us the initial predictions of the spread and scope of the illness produced these predictions as well. It appears to me both assertions are designed to prolong and escalate government control, not protect the public.

The last point in this section has to do with the somewhat subtle changes in narrative that are actually indicative of a hoax. Please note that the early models about this coronavirus stated that at least 80% of those infected will have mild symptoms. Now, that statement has changed to at least 80% of those infected will be asymptomatic. In other words, we can now claim everyone has been infected even though they have absolutely no symptoms at all. When the narrative changes to accommodate obvious problems with the original hypothesis we should suspect the original hypothesis was based on a weak or non-existent foundation.


So, there is my case for the thesis that the real reason for the type and form of the information we have been bombarded with along with the government response to this coronavirus is to allow for a massive increase in government power, rather than an appropriate, balanced effort to protect the public from the illness. The response to this illness should have been substantial but closer to the approach used by Sweden and Mexico, in my opinion, rather than a response that has produced immense, and likely long-lasting, collateral damage to our economic and social fabric. If my view is correct, there is much work to be done in order to ensure the return of personal freedoms in our country, to be certain we have not arrived at a “new normal” for the relationship between government and citizen in the days and years to come.

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