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What We Should Learn from Governor Cuomo

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What lessons are clearly evident from New York State’s management of COVID?

What we see starkly displayed in our country today is the best possible example of why large, powerful government always, always, always destroys everything good while producing immeasurable damage to nearly everyone and everything it touches.

Although there are multiple examples of the principle described above perhaps the most pronounced is Governor Cuomo. He is a textbook example of what happens when a person of low character is allowed to assume massive control over millions of people.

First, a bit of context. We hope government positions are filled with people who are wise and honest. Unfortunately, the more powerful the government the less likely that will be the case, as the greater the power the greater the corruption. The greater the corruption the more attractive government positions are to those who are dishonest, those who see the personal advantages available to persons in government positions. In other words, a powerful government will naturally attract not the most noble and wise, but the most ignoble, foolish, and self-serving.

Governor Cuomo obviously sought a high political office for the personal and professional benefits associated with that office, not as an opportunity to serve others. He has used that office to promote himself and to claim unlimited, and by the way unconstitutional, powers over the governed. His management of SARS-2 has been an unmitigated disaster for the people of New York, and instead of taking responsibility for his deeply flawed decisions he writes a book, using SARS-2 as the primary example, proclaiming his extraordinary leadership abilities. It is beyond comprehension that a person in the public eye can produce such obvious damage, including the indescribably bad decision to order elderly SARS-2 patients back into nursing homes and lie about the number of resulting deaths, to those he governs and stubbornly deny any wrongdoing. It is all, of course, the fault of former President Trump or some other villain.

It is worthy of note that Governor Cuomo’s management of COVID is certainly not his only stark blunder. The businesses and schools he has kept closed for these many months has caused irreparable damage of other types as well. The flight of citizens out of New York communicate as well as any other factor the depth of his mismanagement.

Again, Governor Cuomo is far from the only example of the destruction a person of low character will produce when the reins of a too powerful government are placed in his/her hands. We have seen exactly the same scenario play out in Michigan with our own tyrant Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. The power so many in political positions have assumed in response to COVID 19 has presented an unmatched opportunity for us to understand the wisdom of the founders of this country. They carefully restricted the power of any element of government to avoid the very thing we have seen all around us these last twelve months. That is, unrestrained control over everyone within their reach without regard to individual liberty, personal choice, or the short or long-term effects of their policies.

It is not nearly enough to remove leaders like Cuomo and Whitmer from their positions. We must wake up to the truth that a government that has the power to give you everything also has the power to take everything from you. We have had twelve months of continual demonstrations of that indisputable principle.

Seems it is time to move to South Dakota or Florida. Leadership in those states understands the place of government and the value of personal liberty, and holds to those principles even in the face of withering attacks. Is it possible others will follow that example, rather than the example of Cuomo and Whitmer? Unfortunately, unless the role of government is largely redefined the example followed will be that of Cuomo and Whitmer rather than Governor Noem of South Dakota. Where great power is present great corruption will surely follow.

Just as it is best to choose a job working under the leadership of a competent, caring, honest boss, so it is best to choose to live in a part of the country guided by competent, caring, honest government. While at this point in time it is impossible to completely avoid the overreach of the Federal government and its agencies, I expect those of us who wish to live with personal liberty and responsibility and without tyrannical government will more and more relocate to places where the former is dominant and the latter minimized.

We can only hope other states will join South Dakota and Florida in pursuit of the best of government while avoiding the worst.

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